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Executive Coaching

These one-to-one leadership sessions are conducted by Neale Carter who has over 25 years experience in senior management roles within the business sector. During this time, he has worked with leaders from small to multi-national blue chip companies. He completely understands how business works and how to maximise the strong links and root out the weak ones.

Executive Coaching is tailored specifically for Chief Executives or Managing Directors and provides individual support in addressing your particular needs and challenges. Neale will work with you to expand your thinking and identify the crux of what matters most to you and the business you lead. We will help you create clear, focussed goals which will increase your self-motivation, leading you  to even greater achievements. Of course, we will measure the results and impacts and rapidly help you to become an even more effective leader.

Business Mentoring

This is particularly for the small business owners who have a great idea which you are passionate about and you are willing to work hard to grow your business. Sometimes, you need that guiding hand to support you through this precarious time. A small business can greatly benefit from advice and guidance from professional people who have been there and done it. Our successes and pitfalls are the blue print to your success. We will support you through planning, marketing, sales and strategising. We will also be there when you need an objective view to challenge your ideas. You’ll be surprised how effective this support can be in accelerating your business growth.

Leadership and Management Effectiveness Review

The growth, development and effective performance of companies is very often limited by its leadership and management capabilities, its people systems and the level of engagement of its employees. As a Leader, it is likely that you will be able to identify gaps and obstacles in these areas but it may be the case that you will find it harder to find the root causes of these blockages and therefore the potential solutions.

This is where our specialists can step in and support you. We will conduct a Diagnostic Review to identify the causes of these barriers. We will provide a full report and recommend effective solutions which we will be happy to help you implement. Ultimately, the review will help you isolate any barriers to optimum employee performance and equip you with the tools to focus on effective solutions.

We have found this approach to be extremley successful and it has the flexibility to be applied across many situations. For example, where there may be concerns around employee engagement, where there is a need to identify potential managers for continuous business growth or periods of expansion and also when there is a need to plan effective development interventions. Ultimately our review will be ensure that the Company has the tools and skills in place to ensure that it maximises the performance of its people.

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