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Case Study for Cash Converters

The Business: 

Cash Converters is a Global brand, founded by Brian Cumins in 1984 with a vision to turn second hand furniture stores into professional retail outlets.  There are now 480 stores worldwide with a further network of 600 franchised stores in 21 countries.

Daemma trading is one of those franchises operating stores across Tyneside and Glasgow.

The Challenge: 

David Thomson, the Franchisee and owner of Daemma approached Redworth Coaching with a view to engaging them to work with their Area Manager for Tyneside, Galvin Makay.

The plans for Daemma were ambitious; they wanted to grow their retail estate around Tyneside quickly. David who entrusts his operational business to Galvin in the North East wanted to support this vital position by helping him to realise even more of his potential even though he felt that Galvin was doing a good job.

It was agreed that Galvin would undertake 6 x 2 hour coaching sessions with Neale over a period of 5 months.

The Process: 

Part 1 – Review of present state

Both a personal profile and Leadership and Management assessment were completed to highlight Galvin’s communication and behavioural styles, strengths and limitations or areas for improvement. In addition, we assessed his personal productivity, problem solving and decision making skills along with stress management and balanced life issues. Finally, we looked at his ability to coach and motivate his team. This not only gave Redworth an insight into Galvin as an effective leader but, through professional coaching helped him to raise his self awareness. We then identified together the key challenges and issues that he faced not just currently but with the impending growth of the amount of stores under his direct responsibility.

Part 2 – Agree desired state

Once Galvin’s present situation was established we identified his specific future objectives and then set short, medium and long term goals. This exercise raised Galvin’s motivation to achieve his business goals but also impacted on his personal goals: which he started to align. Focussing on working with his strengths Galvin started to grow in self confidence and self belief realising that his ambitions were realistic and very achievable.

David Thomson was also consulted at this stage as we wanted him to understand, agree and support Galvin’s goals and expectations of the outcomes of these sessions. David not only agreed but also challenged some of the goals set. The outcomes of the process that he desired were:

  • Galvin to have the confidence to make and take decisions without always consulting.
  • Become a risk taker and be more creative
  • Assert himself more in the business and develop his own strategies
  • Reduce his personal involvement in operating the stores and through training and development support the managers to become more empowered.
  • Reduce his stress levels and assist him in creating a better balance between work and home.
  • Develop the ability to take on more stores without working any harder.

  David also ordered a profile to better understand how he could help this process work.

Part 3 – Work towards desired state.

It was identified that Galvin was working too many hours and found it extremely difficult to switch off. Having a young family at home, this was clearly causing him to feel guilty not being able to give them enough of his time and not being in the right frame of mind even when he was there. Delegation was an issue; he preferred to do it himself and was somewhat of a perfectionist. Although David felt he empowered Galvin to make and take decisions he would still check and want to be constantly reassured.

All the above challenges and issues were worked through and a plan of action agreed. David was again consulted and we requested that he support Galvin with his new working direction and intent, this was then agreed and signed off. Neale and Galvin worked through improving communication skills, decision making/problem solving and how to turn these actions into sustainable improvements rather than just temporary behaviours. Galvin worked on these areas and action plans in between the sessions and would liaise with Neale whenever the support was necessary either via email, mobile or at the sessions together. All the above challenges and issues were worked through and a plan of action agreed. David was again consulted and we requested that he support Galvin with his new working direction and intent, this was then agreed and signed off..

Part 4 – Review Outcomes

By this stage the transition had taken place. Short term goals had been achieved and time lines had been set and agreed for attainment. The visits that David was now conducting were far more constructive: in fact Galvin was now leading the meetings.

An on -going plan was agreed for Galvin to continue his path of improving his personal development and after a final evaluation, attended by all three parties, a further meeting was agreed to be attended by all, some three months later, to assess the progress.

The Results: 

Galvins comments – “Having a relatively young family and trying to juggle my time between work and home was incredibly stressful. I was not really coping. In addition, due to my perfectionism, I was trying to do too much and would not release some of my responsibilities. For whatever reason I also felt that I needed to clear with David, my boss, decisions which quite frankly he was really paying me to make. I felt insecure, stressed and not in control.

Neale immediately highlighted my strengths and helped me to identify which ones I needed to call upon to assist to improve my situation. We also noted some of my limitations which required some consideration which we duly set about sorting. I was totally surprised how quickly I was achieving quick wins, almost immediately. My self confidence grew extremely quickly and I started to take control. We started to plan things as a family and I also developed a more robust business plan which really motivated me. My communication with David, although already good, improved dramatically and I felt confident enough to start making decisions and taking calculated risks.

My time with Neale ended some twelve months ago but I can honestly say all the learning and good habits that I acquired have definitely been sustained and I continue to grow. I loved going through the coaching process as it really helped me to realise my potential.


Neale’s comments – “Galvin was and continues to be an excellent student. He has a passion for growth and is willing to accept responsibility and accountability for his actions. He cares for his people and now has the confidence to make and take decisions. He genuinely appears to have a much happier demeanour and is not nearly as stressed as when we first got together. The biggest compliment of all is that David certainly seems to be taking far more frequent and longer holidays than he used too!”

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